Slave To The Squeegee

Sunset Fades for Bob Sumner

If you’ve never heard Bob Sumner before then you should really do yourself a favour. He’s a great songwriter and we’re happy to call him a friend.

At Lundy Print Co. we did this fine set of merch for him featuring sunset fades all around.

Beer Koozies, Trucker Hats and T-shirt’s.

Hats and Koozies printed using one screen and the shirts require a 3 colour setup.

To create the fade we first use a spare screen and use both colours to get a nice even gradient going. This way we can just take a little bit of that ink at a time on the squeegee and transfer it over to the printing screen. This helps keep the gradient consistent throughout the entire run. Because the gradient fade is top to bottom we “pull” the print sideways across the screen.

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